World Meat Congress – Investing in U.S. Pork Exports

By Bill Luckey, Chair of the NPB International Marketing Committee and Pork Producer from Columbus, NE In May, leaders from around the world will gather to discuss issues impacting global meat markets (beef, pork and lamb) and international marketing at the World Meat Congress (WMC). The WMC is a biennial conference, held in a major […]

How Pork Checkoff International Marketing is Advancing Export Markets

For the first time, the National Pork Board (NPB) has included international marketing as one of its four focused organizational goals for the year. This critical inclusion is a recognition of the important role strategic international marketing will play in U.S. producer profitability during 2018 and the ability of our industry to sustainably grow in […]

Multicultural Research – A Strategic Point of View

In 2018, the National Pork Board decided it was time to learn more about Hispanic perceptions and attitudes towards pork, and the relationship the product plays within this growing demographic. As a result, a significant part of the National Pork Board’s current research will help us understand this multicultural segment. Hispanics represent the future for […]

Bringing Balance to Our Plates with Pork

contributor: Charlotte Rommereim, RDN, pig farmer With so much market focus on plant-based foods right now, many people think a balanced diet means leaving red meat off the plate entirely or only eating it as a guilty pleasure on a rare occasion. The fact is, nutrition experts – registered dietitians (RDs) – do include red […]

Prepare for Seasonal Disease Challenges

As some parts of the Hog Belt begin to experience Spring-like weather, the upper Midwest may still be knee-deep in snow. Regardless, this time of year can sometimes catch producers off guard when it comes to stress on pig health. Having a plan of action, however, can keep your animals healthy and your farm’s productivity […]

Six Takeaways from FoodFluence 2018

contributor: Charlotte Rommereim, RDN, pig farmer Protein, sustainability, animal welfare and antibiotics are all topics in the marketplace today with various “experts” providing their opinion. Leading the conversation with the positive message: doing the right thing for people, pigs and the planet was the objective for the National Pork Board’s (NPB) sponsorship at FoodFluence 2018 […]

Cochran Fellowship Program Tours U.S. Pork Production

The National Pork Board (NPB), Paris Foods in Cresco, Iowa, Farmer’s Mill in Protivin, Iowa and Hormel Foods in Austin, Minn. recently hosted a delegation of Cochran Fellows comprised of meat and poultry importers, processors and related agriculture industry association officials from China. The Cochran Fellowship Program provides short-term training opportunities to agricultural professionals from […]

Not Too Late: Pork Checkoff Offers Influenza Defense Tips

Although this winter’s influenza season is now in full force in both the human and swine populations, it’s not too late to follow key biosecurity and health protocols to keep yourself, farm personnel and your herd healthy and influenza-free. “We strongly recommend that farm workers and those who may be around pigs get an annual […]

Pork Cooking Resources for Teachers

Teachers, we know how important it is to provide your students with a nutritious and delicious education. To help you teach kids how well pork fits into a balanced and healthy diet, we have ideas and activities you can use in your classroom, guaranteed to keep them hungry for more! Pig Placemats Distribute large sheets […]

Pork Foodservice Educational Events

North American Meat Institute Center of the Plate Training Is a three-day course designed to teach you the fundamentals of meat specifications by giving you a first-hand look at how carcasses are converted to cuts commonly used in retail and foodservice. It’s a lively learning experience that includes a detailed cutting demonstration of all major […]