Busting 6 Common Myths About Pork

As we discussed in our All About Dining Out report, pork can be a healthful, flavorful and sustainable option with strong value for menus across all dining segments. Still, plenty of operators are hesitant to incorporate more pork on their menus due to misconceptions they may have.

In an effort to ensure operators know the truth about pork, we’ve assembled a list of statements based on data from our operator survey that will bust some long-standing myths. Take a look:

Our third Insight To Action report is coming next week!


What myths are you hearing from your customers?
Let me know, so I can provide you with the facts to bust them!
(Who ya gonna call? Me!)

Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

National Pork Board Cell: 319-594-4000 akrieger@pork.org