Tips on Handling Animals Safely

By Carrie Webster How pigs view and react to their environment makes animal handling an important aspect of raising pigs safely. The safety of the humans handling the animals is equally important, especially given that moving pigs, loading or unloading trailers and treating pigs are the leading causes of worker injuries on pig farms. “Pig […]

Focus on African Swine Fever Continues

By Mike King As the steady drumbeat of African swine fever (ASF) reports continues, the Pork Checkoff has ramped up its efforts to collaborate and to prepare for all possibilities if the costly disease reaches American pig farms. “A foreign animal disease (FAD), such as ASF, poses dire threats, which is why we have plans […]

Top 5 Take-Aways from EuroTier

By Mike King and Marlys Miller EuroTier, held every two years in Hanover, Germany, offers insights into how the European pork industry is facing 21st-century challenges. As guests (Mike and Marlys) of its organizer, the German Agricultural Society, the Pork Checkoff learned from pig farmers, veterinarians, and allied industry representatives at the four-day November show, […]