Appealing to Younger Hispanics at Retail

One of the more eye-catching findings from our Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future report is the influence of young Latinos. They’re embracing technology faster than other consumer groups. According to Nielsen:

Meanwhile, Hispanic consumers are younger than any other demographic, with Latinos accounting for one in five of all U.S. Millennials, according to Mintel. Nearly half (47%) of Hispanics have children, and — compared to the U.S. average — they tend to have children at younger ages. Since children in the household equates to higher spending at grocery stores, young Millennial Hispanics cannot be overlooked.

So how do you create a shopping experience that’s relevant to this tech savvy and family-focused generation?

More Family-Friendly Options
Considering how big of a role pork plays in Hispanic dining, retailers can benefit from offering a wider variety of thinner pork cuts. Used as either a featured entrée or an ingredient, busy families can prepare thinner cuts in a short amount of time. Consider pre-sauced and pre-seasoned meal kits like carnitas or tacos al pastor (but first ensuring those are dishes relevant to the local Latino community). Stress-free options are very appealing to busy families, especially those with young children. Additionally, consider hands-on activities that get families into the store, like cooking classes for kids.

Pork Cuts with Cultural Ties
Traditions are incredibly significant in Hispanic culture, and food is no exception. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Latinos say they want their children to carry on their family’s traditions, and 79% of Hispanic families cook meals to retain a connection to their native culture. Retailers can tap into this by ensuring pork shoulder and whole pigs are available for purchase year-round. These cuts are at the center of events like family gatherings and celebrations, and having them on hand will prevent shoppers from turning to specialty butchers. (And with the growing general market interest in smoking and barbecue, the whole pig will get the attention of non-Hispanic shoppers, too!)

Online Ordering
As we stated earlier, young Hispanics are embracing technology at a faster rate than other demographics. Although Hispanics tend to have less access to online grocery shopping (54%) than the average U.S. shopper (61%), those who have access are more likely to use it
(65% versus 59%). Retailers can capitalize on this by making specialty pork cuts, such as suckling pig and fresh legs, available for purchase online. Online ordering gives retailers the ability to gauge customer interest for different pork cuts, and it can help build customer loyalty.

Simply put, retailers aren’t going to be able to win over young Hispanic shoppers unless they continue to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics. Young Hispanics are only gaining more buying power, and those stores and chains who figure out how to win their loyalty and share of wallet will be well positioned for long-term success.

How are you reaching out to young Latino consumers?
What strategies are working for your company?
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Angie Krieger

Angie Krieger

Assistant Vice President, Channel Outreach

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