All About Dining Out: How America Eats Away from Home

The past few months have been incredibly exciting for everyone here at the National Pork Board. We’ve been sharing findings, learnings and actions to be taken from our Dinner at Home in America report, and the information shared is already helping transform the pork world.

The report was the most in-depth work this industry has ever seen, and today, we’re proud to present the next volume of our groundbreaking study on American dining habits.

All About Dining Out: What’s On Trend takes an unprecedented dive into the various forces impacting the decisions consumers make while eating away from home. While it may sound like this is an examination of pork use at restaurants, this report is all-encompassing and showcases how much of the dining out landscape has evolved — from convenience stores and retailers, to airport kiosks and food trucks.

These trends and changes have added a whole new level of complexity and competition to dining out. Meanwhile, on a per capita basis, Americans now eat at restaurants 31 times fewer each year than they did in 2000, according to NPD Group. In a crowded marketplace with fewer dining out occasions occurring, it can be tough for foodservice operators to break through.

The good news is that pork offers a true point of differentiation for the foodservice industry.  Our research indicates that both consumers and operators already feel positively about pork’s flavor and versatility, and both are open to having it on more menus.

With these tailwinds, pork should dominate American menus. So why isn’t it?

That’s what we set out to explore in All About Dining Out. Just like Dinner at Home in America, this report features more than 10,000 consumer interviews with demographic and spending data. In addition, this report features foodservice owner and operator interviews, menu trends and omnibus data.

With an industry that’s changing as rapidly as foodservice, it’s incumbent upon all of us to learn as much as we can and evolve rapidly to ensure pork has a future.

Download All About Dining Out: What’s On Trend today, and begin delving into the modern realities of away from home dining.

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