C-Stores are Upping Their Dining Game, and That’s Good for Pork

C-Stores are Upping Their Dining Game, and That’s Good for Pork Although mobile ordering and delivery have dramatically transformed foodservice in recent years, it’s not the only trend changing the out-of-home dining landscape. Convenience stores (c-stores) are making their mark in the foodservice space, moving beyond the basic snacks, soda and candy, and offering made-to-order menu items. Some […]

Three Concepts Prove Pork’s Power in Convenience Dining

Three Data-Backed Concepts Prove Pork’s Place in Convenience As we’ve seen through our in-depth look at dining out, convenience reigns for consumers. While taste will always heavily influence dining-out decisions, people are often in a hurry and want something simple they can eat on the go. To see how pork can fit into these occasions, […]

The United Kingdom: A Potential Opportunity for U.S. Pork

The United Kingdom will likely face a variety of challenges and opportunities as the deadline for a “hard Brexit” or exit from the European Union (EU) nears. Representatives from the National Pork Board and U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) recently traveled to England to discuss the progress of a market research study with Gira, a […]

Bits Aren’t Only for Bacon: Pork’s Relevance in Digital Dining

Bits Aren’t Only For Bacon: Pork’s Relevance in Digital Dining   Mobile technology is now an integral part of our lives. We use it for everything from news and information gathering, to directions and entertainment, so it’s no surprise to see the foodservice industry embrace it too. According to The NPD Group’s “Delivering Digital Convenience” […]

Pork Checkoff Report Newsletter – August 2019

Biosecurity:  Shore Up the Weakest Links on Your Farm When it comes to biosecurity, there are many common protocols that should be followed on every farm. But still, one size doesn’t fit all. Success depends on tailoring biosecurity for every site, with everyone knowing and carrying out the plan. “The temptation is to create a […]