4 Approaches to Increase Pork’s Presence in Fast Casual

Four Ways to Increase Pork’s Presence In Fast Casual Dining Although overall foodservice traffic remained flat in 2018, fast casual restaurants – which offer quality food without full table service – began to separate themselves from the pack. According to the NPD Group, traffic in the fast casual sector rose 3% last year – a statistic that shouldn’t […]

African Swine Fever Milestone

It has been over one year since African Swine Fever has been confirmed in China. Dr. Paul Sundberg of the Swine Health Information Center outlines what has been learned over the past year and what the U.S. swine industry continues to work on to keep ASF out of the country.

Pork Checkoff Digital Strategy Gets Results

The Pork Checkoff has a relationship with Google and YouTube. This digital strategy is getting results. Find out more from the National Pork Board director of digital strategy Jenna DePerro in this edition of Pork Pod.

Philippines: An Emerging Market for U.S. Pork

Monthly Market Highlight The United States is the largest supplier of agricultural products to the Philippines and an increasingly important source of pork and pork products. The U.S. and the Philippines have a long trade history that spans over 100 years, however, today many U.S. products face harsh tariffs upon import. Association of Southeast Asian […]

Convenience Reigns in Our Fast-Paced World

In Our Fast-Paced World, Convenience Reigns The demand for convenience is impacting most industries – including communications, retail, tourism, and of course, foodservice. As our recent All About Dining Out report showed, more than a third (35%) of consumers eat out to save time. In fact, a recent report by Technomic shows that 85% of consumers decide what to […]

Pork Belly Prices Remain Volatile

Pork Profit Maximizer – Foodservice Edition August 19, 2019 The value of the belly primal on Friday was pegged at $169.81/ cwt, $91/cwt or 115% higher than a year ago. The increase in the value of the belly primal has contributed almost $14.4/cwt to the overall cutout (about 74% of the overall cutout increase in […]

Hog futures limit down on Friday even as China pork prices spike

Pork Profit Maximizer – Retail Edition August 19, 2019 The pork cutout had been trending higher in the first two weeks of August but posted a sharp decline on Friday. October futures were down the daily permissible limit on expectations that, in the short term, record pork supplies will drive the cutout even lower in […]