USDA Releases June Hogs and Pigs Report

According to the latest USDA Hogs and Pigs Report, the U.S. swine inventory totals 75.5 million head, up four percent from last year. That’s the highest June 1 total since this series of reports began in 1964. The breeding herd inventory is up one percent from June of last year. The market hog inventory is […]

Putting Pork to the Test: When the Data Meets the Dish

Putting Two Unique Pork Dishes to the Test The data in our All About Dining Out report shows us several significant opportunities for pork. Specifically, we see that unique, craveable appetizers, and Hispanic-inspired, flavorful breakfasts were some of the key opportunities to win more consumers. Intuitively, we saw ways pork could respond to these cravings and help restaurants […]

Pork Supplies to Market Much Higher Than Expected in June

Pork Profit Maximizer – Food Service Edition June 24, 2019 The supply of pork coming to market on a weekly basis so far in June has been far higher than anyone could imagine even a month ago. Note that the chart shows a rolling four week moving average. Last week, pork production was up 16.4% […]

Big Increase in Supply Pushes Pork Prices Lower

Pork Profit Maximizer – Retail Edition June 24, 2019 Earlier in the spring futures markets struck a very bullish tone for the US meat complex, largely based on expectations that a meat supply hole in China would present significant competition for domestic end users. The role of futures markets is to look for supply/demand imbalances […]

What Motivates Hispanic Consumers When Dining Out?

Flavor is King for Hispanic Diners Over the past few weeks, we’ve been examining the drivers that impact dining out decision-making. While we’ve identified numerous opportunities to get more pork in the hands of consumers, we can’t lose sight of an established pork-loving audience – Hispanics.   As we know from our brief on Latino […]

Chile: A Promising Market for U.S. Pork

Monthly Market Highlight In the past decade, Chile has become a growing destination for not only pork but many U.S. goods. The United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement has helped open and develop markets between the two countries since its adoption in 2004. After the elimination of all tariffs in 2015, exports to Chile have grown […]

Avocado Toast? Bacon Jam? How Food Trends Take Hold

How Food Trends Take Hold As we saw from the meteoric rise of avocado toast, what’s on Instagram one day can dominate restaurant menus the next. Keeping on top of food trends is imperative for operators and retailers alike. Yet, many of us wonder the same thing: How do you spot a trend before it’s established? […]

Meet the New President of the National Pork Board: David Newman

Dr. David Newman is the new president of the National Pork Board. Newman is an associate professor at Arkansas State University and raises hogs on the family operation in Missouri. In this edition of Pork Pod, Newman outlines the strategic plan that is being developed by the Pork Checkoff. Newman also highlights the current priorities […]