3 Key Trends Influencing Dining Out Decisions

Taste, Tech, Transparency: 3 Key Foodservice Trends As the world becomes more connected, what and how we eat continues to evolve. We’re not only exposed to different types of food, but different opinions, behaviors and techniques for both preparing and speaking about food. While we’ve already detailed the forces driving at-home pork use in America, […]

Pork market volatility spikes as trade talks with China hit a snag

Pork Profit Maximizer – Food Service Edition May 13, 2019 Trade talks and tariff outlook is driving volatility not just in the hog futures market but the wholesale pork market as well. In late March and April, pork buyers had to take one glance at the June and July contracts and calculate the potential price increase […]

International Forum on African Swine Fever

Ottawa, Canada hosted an international forum on African Swine Fever. National Pork Board senior vice president of science and technology Dr. David Pyburn participated in this forum. In this edition of Pork Pod, Dr. Pyburn reviews the information shared at the forum and the latest biosecurity recommendation for pig farmers.

Shifting pork perceptions in a health-conscious marketplace

Changing Pork’s Misconceptions in a Health-Conscious Marketplace   As we outlined in our Dinner at Home in America report and the subsequent Insight to Action weekly newsletters, many consumers make health a priority when preparing dinner at home. Today, we start to look at the out-of-home dining experience. While indulgence and convenience are key drivers at away-from-home dining, healthy […]

When “going to the store” = “dining out.” Are you positioned to respond to this consumer shift?

Capitalizing on In-Store Meal Options The on-demand dining trend is transforming the way America eats today. Between restaurant delivery services, home meal replacements and in-retail restaurants, the foodservice industry is changing rapidly to meet consumer demand for quick, convenient meals. At the core of this trend is the desire for customization and convenience. More consumers […]