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Writing Research Proposals for the NPB

Want to learn more about the National Pork Board’s research proposal process? Could you use a few tips to make your research proposal more competitive?  Regardless of whether you are an established investigator or a new faculty member, you will find benefit in the webinar entitled “Writing Research Proposals for the NPB”.  Please visit   If you have questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Chris Hostetler by phone (515)223-2606 or email (

The National Pork Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with these categories:

ANIMAL SCIENCE – Animal Science


PORK SAFETY – Post-Harvest

SWINE HEALTH –  Foreign Animal Disease


Staff Members:

ANIMAL SCIENCE                           Chris Hostetler                  515/223-2606

PORK SAFETY & QUALITY           Laura Bachmeier                515/223-2764

SWINE HEALTH – FAD & PRRS    Lisa Becton                          515/223-2791

Principal Investigators (PIs) must follow all instructions according to the Instructions and Format document and submit research proposal in the required format through the Application Website in order to be considered. A link to this document containing this information and the Application Website can be found at  Proposals that do not directly address the listed priorities will be rejected without consideration of funding.

Newly submitted, multi-year proposals should provide a clear overall vision and objectives for the entire project with a detailed plan of work and budget outline for each of the proposed years.  If proposed projects are seeking second-year funding of a previously funded project, the proposal must include a discussion of progress and accomplishments realized from the research efforts to date toward success of the overall research effort.  This may be accomplished by including copies of interim or final reports from previously funded research efforts as appendices to the proposal submitted.

Scientific peers will evaluate submitted proposals for scientific merit.  Pork producers will evaluate the proposal for application to and impact on the pork production industry.  The overall research plan and individual objectives contained within the proposal must meet the standards of scientific rigor and statistical validity expected of National Pork Board research grants. Proposals may be returned to the PI with suggested/requested revisions prior to final funding decision.   Final funding decisions will be made by producer-led committees. 


  • Proposal selection will occur in July 2019.
  • Notification of grant awards will be done by September 2019.
  • Project funding may begin October 1, 2019. Requests for second-year funding must be resubmitted.

Requests for Proposal

Instructions & Format

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