Pork Profit Maximizer, June 26, 2017

Foodservice Edition Seasonally lower supplies and robust pork demand continue to support pork prices in the short term. A number of factors continue to support hog prices in the near term, helping propel cash hog values to the highest price for the year. While it is not unusual for hog prices to be higher in […]

Pork Profit Maximizer, June 12, 2017

FoodService Edition Summer pork demand improves, in part due to higher prices for competing meats. June pork supplies should be at the lowest point of the year. The pork cutout continues to track higher thanks to robust prices for bellies as well as escalating values for both fat and lean pork trimmings. In the past, […]

Weather Outlook 2017 & Beyond

Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, 2017 Pork Academy Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, provides an update on what the weather will be like through 2017. Dr. Taylor enforces the idea of assigning real values to risk and understanding what they mean. Dr. Taylor discusses some of the key areas on Earth that impact […]

Protein and Consumer Markets Outlook

Dr. Steve Meyer, EMI Analytics, 2017 Pork Academy Dr. Steve Meyer, Vice President, Pork Analysis, EMI Analytics, provides a focused view on consumer demand and the short term futures that will impact prices and markets. Dr. Meyer also looks at proteins across the board and what planning farm management needs to consider. Video

Feed Ingredient Outlook

Eric Scholer, EMI Analytics, 2017 Pork Academy Eric Scholer, Vice President, EMI Analytics, details how feed markets are working and their impacts to planning. Video