Evaluating Transport Conditions on Weaned and Feeder Pig Performance

Weaned Pigs Require More Care in Transport Researcher: Dr. Jay Harmon, Iowa State University In this project, researchers reviewed data from more than 7,000 loads of weaned and feeder pigs, looking for possible mortality relationships and the long-term impact of transport stress on piglets and the environmental characteristics within the trailer. Researchers found that weaned […]

Cold Pelleting Can Maximize Feed Efficiency, Nutrients and Economic Return

May Improve Nursery Pig Performance Researcher: Dr. Charles Stark, Kansas State University Pork producers continue to grind feed to very fine particle sizes, resulting in diets with high levels of fine powder. The fine particles (less than 150 microns) create problems during feed manufacturing and delivery, as well as on-farm feeder management. While removing fine […]

Pork Profit Maximizer, May 30, 2017

FoodService Edition Cold Storage Update The latest USDA ‘Cold Storage’ report contained some positive implications for red meat demand in April. Output during the month increased significantly and yet supplies in cold storage at the end of the largely increased in line with the normal seasonal rather than showing a significant buildup. For poultry, the […]

2017 Spring Call

NATIONAL PORK BOARD Request for Proposals Spring Call 2017 The National Pork Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with these categories: ANIMAL SCIENCE – Sow Lifetime Productivity SUSTAINABILITY – Air SUSTAINABILITY – Environmental Footprint SUSTAINABILITY – Water Use/conservation SWINE HEALTH – PRRS

Pork Profit Maximizer, May 15, 2017

FoodService Edition Seasonal Improvement Underway in the Pork Complex. Higher Beef Prices Further Stimulate Pork Demand In our last update two weeks ago we outlined the expected seasonal improvement for hog and pork prices and, as if on cue, prices have appreciated rapidly in the last two weeks. The calculated 1‐day cash hog index stood […]

January/February 2015 Pork Checkoff Research Review

Evaluating Feed Processing of Wheat in Swine Diets The point was to expand knowledge of how particle size and pelleting for nursery and finisher diets containing wheat can improve performance and economic return. Key Points: Feed efficiency improves as wheat particle size drops to less than 600 microns for meal diets, but not for pelleted. […]