Continuing into its fifth consecutive year, the Pork Industry Productivity Analysis has displayed the trends among the most common production variables in the swine industry over the previous years. What has been shown is that there is variation in the improvement for each key performance indicator trait.

Additionally, seasonality has become more apparent for several traits. It has been shown how devastating a rapid onset, crippling disease outbreak such as porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) can be for trait improvement. It has remained important to be able to quantify the overall pork industry improvement, and such a national database continues to be analyzed for production changes between seasons,  years, and differing systems.

The results presented in this study remain based on a group of pork production companies representing approximately 40 percent of the U.S. swine industry. The original study objective was to quantify the annual production levels and the variation associated with several key performance indicators for the swine industry in all swine production phases for the previous six calendar years of production and to quantify seasonal effects associated with the key performance indicators.