Technology Use On Pig Farms

The use of technology in agriculture today has transformed modern farming. Farmers use technology to automate processes and deliver better animal care. These technologies, along with improvements in barn design, provide the best possible environment for housing pigs throughout all stages of their lives. Today, most barns are equipped with automatic ventilation systems that constantly monitor the […]

Volume 50: Now on Menus

Pork’s presence on menus continues to grow. It’s a top choice for creative chefs and savvy operators for its versatility and profitability, and consumers love its incredible flavor. From an Italian pork chop sandwich with ‘nduja sausage to char-grilled, bourbon-glazed porterhouse pork chop, pork is making menus more delicious at restaurants around the country. Take […]

America’s Pig Farmer of the Year – 2016

With his focus on sustainability and community outreach, Brad Greenway – a pig farmer in Mitchell, South Dakota – is a natural choice for 2016 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year℠. The award recognizes excellence in raising pigs using We Care℠ ethical principles, as well as a connection with today’s consumers about how pork is […]

Regional Southeast Asian Cuisine

Southeast Asian cuisines have historically been bucketed together – Pad Thai with Pho and pork adobo – but consumers are becoming interested in the nuances between Southeast Asian countries and regions. Each has it’s own unique characteristics, influences and ingredients that make their cuisine so special… and delicious.   Understanding these components and complexities was […]

Types Of Pig Farming In The U.S.

Many farmers raise pigs based on of the animal’s life cycle and may not necessarily raise a pig from birth until market all in one barn or on one farm. Today, they are five common types of pig farms in the United States. Farrow-to-finish farms manage all stages of pig growth and development, from breeding through finishing, […]

Using A Meat Thermometer

Because pork can often be overcooked, checking the internal temperature often will help prevent dry pork. Cook pork until the internal temperature reaches between 145° and 160° F, followed by a three-minute rest time, and is a little pink inside. A digital, instant-read thermometer is a low-cost, must-have for every kitchen. When inserted into the […]