Pork Champions Receptive to 145 Degrees

A recent study examined consumer response to the new 145°F cooking temperature for pork and pinpointed Pork Champions as key players in spreading the message about the revised guidelines. Retailers, rejoice:  these findings mean that your Pork Champion shoppers are receptive to the 145°F message and are happy to share the news with their friends! […]

Three Essential Steps to Avoiding a Health, Safety and Environmental Disaster

Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, 2016 Pork Academy Hoare talks about developing an approach to employee safety through caring, training, and culture. Hoare shares information on the National Pork Board’s tools (Safe Pig Handling and Employee Safety Toolkit) to help create a safe environment for both people and animals. Presentation Three Essential Steps to Avoiding […]

Common Swine Industry Audit – Producer Perspectives and Resources

Emily Erickson, New Fashion Pork and Brian Zimmerman, Zimmerman Farms Erickson and Zimmerman provide a large and small operation point of view on having one or more Common Swine Industry Audits at their farms. Erickson shared her experiences of multiple audits and how each one has helped improve their operations and refine their approaches. Zimmerman […]

Cybersecurity and Your Data

Lane Arthur, John Deere and James Johnson, John Deere, 2016 Pork Academy Arthur and Johnson share how cybersecurity will be an ongoing concern, even for farmers and ranchers. Technology use is pervasive and growing, being vigilant is important. Presentation Cybersecurity and Your Data from National Pork Board Video

Changes on Antibiotic Usage

Richard Sellers, American Feed Industry Association, 2015 Pork Academy Sellers highlights how the Veterinary Feed Directive idea was developed and where it is today. Sellers also explains the timeline and some of the current hurdles to being ready for January 1, 2017. His main take away is be proactive and be flexible. Presentation Changes on […]

Changes on Antibiotic Usage

Dr. Sam Holst, Swine Vet Center, 2016 Pork Academy Holst provides specific actions on being ready for the Veterinary Feed Directive by January 1, 2017. Holst’s main take away is to establish, today, your Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) and communicate frequently with everyone involved with your operations, including staff, management, feed mills, veterinarians, suppliers, and customers. […]

Weather Outlook – 2016

Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, 2016 Pork Academy This presentation will provide information on the weather outlook for 2015 and beyond. Presentation Weather Outlook 2016 & Beyond from National Pork Board Video