Volume 44: Now on Menus

Savvy operators are pushing the boundaries of creativity with pork, serving up innovative preparations that show off its versatility and incredible flavor. From grilled pork chop breakfast sandwiches to bánh mì pork burgers, take a look at our menu innovation report to see who’s doing more with the menu. Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are promoting […]

The Facts on Sodium Nitrite and Food Safety

Sodium nitrite is essential to food safety. Naturally produced by the body and found in vegetables like spinach and broccoli, it’s a USDA-approved and regulated food additive that keeps cured meats fresh and safe. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms, prevents rancidity, and has been used in cured meat production since 1925. To learn more […]

Charcuterie Beyond the Basics

Charcuterie is a menu mainstay across the country, and now innovative chefs are taking cured meats beyond the basics. From hand-cut Calabrian soppressata and spicy n’duja to blood mortadella, lardo and head cheese, the board is evolving and patrons are responding enthusiastically. Menu penetration from 2013-2014 is up for both charcuterie and salumi, 12.6% and […]