Accounting Roundtable

Drew Hesker, The Maschhoffs, LLC, 2015 Pork Management Conference This session will allow producers to discuss the pros and cons of the accounting software they have used and hear the perspective of a producer currently transitioning software packages. Also, what are the pros and cons from an auditing and tax reporting standpoint? Presentation Accounting Roundtable […]

360° Benchmarking for Pork Production

Dr. Tom Stein, MetaFarms, 2015 Pork Management Conference Sow performance, nursery, finishing, wean-to-finish and closeout performance. Weaned pig cost, cost of production for nursery, finishing and wean-to-finish. Closeouts, carcass weight, weight variation, and variation effect on carcass value, carcass value by carcass weight will all be covered within this presentation. Presentation 360° Benchmarking for Pork […]

Volume 43: Now on Menus

Pork is a menu must-have at restaurants around the country. It’s the perfect canvas for creative expression, and an exciting addition to any daypart – from a loaded croissant breakfast sandwich made with Black Forest ham, bacon and sausage, to spicy eggrolls filled with bourbon-infused pulled pork, to pork chop Milenesa and prosciutto-wrapped shrimp. Take […]

Pork Checkoff Comments on 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Pork Checkoff Submits Comments on 2015 Dietary Guidelines Des Moines, Iowa – May 6, 2015 – The Pork Checkoff supports the role of lean meat in a healthy diet, and recently submitted a second round of comments to the secretaries of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. […]

Brunch is expanding beyond weekends

In the 1895 Hunter’s Weekly article “Brunch: A Plea,” British author Guy Beringer coined a new word and begged for a mid-morning Sunday meal that combined the best parts of breakfast and lunch. His creation, brunch, has spent the last 120 years growing into one of the week’s biggest meal occasions – one that has stayed […]

The Pork Effect: Virtual Shopping Research

Incremental Purchase Drivers. Perceived Out of Stock Levels. Effective Merchandising Sales in the meat case continue to be crucial for driving success in the grocery channel. Key insights into gaining additional consumer purchases are revealed in this research utilizing virtual shopping technology. Consumers shopping habits were observed and analyzed during a virtual shopping trip in […]

Weather Outlook – 2015

Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, 2015 Pork Academy This presentation will provide information on the weather outlook for 2015 and beyond. Presentation Weather Outlook – 2015 from National Pork Board

Market Outlook – 2015

Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, 2015 Pork Academy This session will provide an overview of market outlook for all commodities associated with the pork industry. Presentation Market Outlook – 2015 from National Pork Board