Human Nutrition Letter of Intent

Request for Letters of Intent National Pork Board Email LOI directly to: HUMAN NUTRITION REQUEST FOR PRE-PROPOSAL – LETTER OF INTENT The Pork Safety, Quality and Human Nutrition Committee is requesting pre-proposals in the following areas of HUMAN NUTRITION Research. The proposal process uses an initial letter of intent (LOI). The LOI will be […]

Volume 34: Now on Menus

Pork dishes are starring on menus at popular restaurants across the country. From spicy sausage sandwiches and grilled pork flatbreads to bacon, bacon and more bacon, chefs and patrons are taking notice of pork’s versatility and incredible flavor. Take a look at the restaurants that are ramping up menus with pork. Bakers Square is offering […]


Your guests are rightly asking questions about where their food comes from and how animals are raised. When it comes to antibiotic use on the farm, it is The National Pork Board’s responsibility to provide you with the honest answers you need to make informed buying decisions, as well as how to talk to your […]

A Conversation with Chris Consentino

From Incanto’s adventurous nose-to-tail menu to the Top Chef Masters kitchen, Chef Chris Cosentino is bringing offal back. As executive chef of the San Francisco Italian hotspot, as well as the artisanal salumeria Boccalone, Cosentino offers with unconventional cuts and challenges perceptions of what constitutes center of plate. Cosentino’s love of meat is probably genetic […]

Think you Know Noodles? Think Again

You would have to have been hiding under a pork belly not to notice the headlines that kale and quinoa have been getting in the restaurant and foodie press these days. They seem to be all that we’re talking about. And even though both of these simple ingredients have been around for centuries, they are […]

Shared Focus on Innovation

Since 1995, pork operations from across the country have been honored as Environmental Steward award winners (see list on page 12). From Minnesota to Oklahoma and from California to North Carolina, the size and type of the winning farms have varied widely. However, they are united in their shared focus on safeguarding the environment while promoting the well-being of people and pigs.