Pork Crawl 2013, Nantucket, MA

Pork Crawl Video The National Pork Board traveled to Nantucket, MA for the 4th annual Pork Crawl on October 2 – 3, 2013. About Nantucket, MA Nantucket, MA is a small island 30 miles south of Cape Cod. The name Nantucket is from an Algonquin word for faraway land or island. The island is primarily […]

Volume 31: Ham: Original Artisan Flavor

Italian-made meats have dominated restaurant salumi platters in recent years; however, chefs today are turning to cured meats made in-house or by domestic, artisan producers – the most notable cut being ham. Whether European-style (cured and dry-aged), country-style (dry-cured and smoked) or city-style (wet-cured and smoked), American hams have taken over platters, small plates and […]