Pork Summit 2013

From indigenous barbecue and fresh sausage making to pairing whole hog market basket exercise, the 3rd annual Pork Summit was a feast for mind and stomach.

Volume 25: Now on Menus

Operators across the country are using the new pork terminology to their advantage. With USDA approved names for fourteen pork cuts, consumers can better understand what they’re ordering and chefs can position pork as premium. From spice-rubbed 16 oz. pork porterhouse chops to milk and honey-braised country-style ribs, new pork names make a statement. Take a look at […]

A Conversation with Stephen Gerike

Stephen Gerike is a pork chop always a pork chop? Stephen Gerike, Director of Foodservice Marketing for the National Pork Board, says no. With new common names for pork in the retail meat case approved this Spring, chops with names like Porterhouse, New York and ribeye are primed to make restaurant menus. Gerike believes operators can utilize the […]

Pork Nomenclature

What’s in a name? Plenty – especially for pork. The USDA recently approved new common names for several pork cuts seen in retail grocery cases and on menus. After several years of work with the Industry-Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee, fourteen pork cuts now have more consumer-friendly names, including many that align with well-known beef or steakhouse terms. […]