Pork Checkoff Report Newsletter – April 2020

Build a Biosecurity Culture Dealing with the COVID-19 health crisis has been capturing everyone’s attention, but farmers have long known that following biosecurity measures on their farms is critical to help ensure the health of farm personnel and pigs, says Lisa Becton, DVM, director of swine health for the Pork Checkoff. “Education and training are […]

Four Cornerstones for Agriculture in Uncertain Times

The world is no longer what it was a few short weeks ago. It is unnerving to see empty grocery store shelves, shuttered schools, steep drops in the commodity and stock markets, people hoarding hand sanitizer and more – all due to coronavirus. There are no guidebooks to tell us how to manage times like […]

Cook Once, Eat Twice: Helping Families Simplify Mealtime

During this challenging time, a growing number of families are at home together much more than usual, so they’re likely to be eating meals together more often than they typically do. With school and religious activities, sports and entertainment are on hold, all ages are now around the dinner table every night, and the hurried, frantic pace of busy schedules gives way to a lot more time on our […]

Doubling Down on Aggressive Growth of U.S. Pork Exports

Last year, U.S. pork exports set new records in both value and volume of pork marketed to countries around the globe. The Pork Checkoff is doubling down and working with its strategic partners with an eye toward aggressive growth again in 2020.  “China drove last year’s record-breaking pace,” said Norman Bessac, vice president of international marketing […]

Economic Analysis: Deli Meats

The food industry is facing unprecedented challenges today, with needs and situations changing hourly. At the National Pork Board, we recognize that many of the challenges impacting retail, foodservice and processors are beyond our collective control. But during this time of disruption, we remain committed to being a reliable partner you can count on to provide accurate information and solutions.   With […]

2019 Pork Checkoff Annual Report

In the Game… A Letter from Your President: Pork producers historically haven’t been the wait-and-see types that sit on the sidelines. Not at all. Instead, for over five decades, U.S. pig farmers like you and me have been working together to make big things happen, or as in the case of 2019, to make big […]