Pork 2040: The Producer Perspective

A new report from the Pork Checkoff evaluates the short-and-long-term protein needs facing China and how U.S. pork can position itself to meet that demand. Pork 2040 also considers the impact of African Swine Fever on the Chinese pork industry and the supply chain. North Carolina pig farmer Jan Archer offers a producer’s perspective on […]

Authenticity is Everything in Hispanic Cuisine

Authenticity is Everything in Hispanic Cuisine Authenticity holds a very special place in the heart of Hispanic cuisine. Recipes are often passed down from generation to generation, helping Hispanics stay connected to their heritage. In fact, our research found that 63% of Hispanics prefer foods from their culture or country of origin. From pork tamales […]

Appealing to Younger Hispanics at Retail

Appealing to Younger Hispanics at Retail One of the more eye-catching findings from our Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future report is the influence of young Latinos. They’re embracing technology faster than other consumer groups. According to Nielsen: Meanwhile, Hispanic consumers are younger than any other demographic, with Latinos accounting for one in five of all U.S. […]

In Depth: Ribs

Through our Insight to Action research, we’ve identified pork cuts that warrant deeper analysis. Periodically, we’ll share our findings on these and provide insights and opportunities for each. In Depth: Ribs As we saw in our Hispanic report, Time to Tango: Latinos are Pork’s Future, pork ribs have a special place at the dinner tables of Latino […]

Cold Storage Data Seen As Positive for Pork Prices Later This Year

Pork Profit Maximizer – Foodservice Edition October 28, 2019 The combined inventory of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey in cold storage at the end of September was estimated at 2.506 billion pounds, 4.3% lower than a year ago but still 4.4% higher than the five-year average. The combined month-end inventory of the four main species […]

Seasonal Ham Prices Expected to Improve But Held In Check by Record Supplies

Pork Profit Maximizer – Retail Edition October 28, 2019 Ham prices used to have a much more pronounced seasonality but in the last few years, a number of factors have contributed to much more erratic price action. Last year record pork supplies and tariffs on US pork prices in Mexico and China significantly affected demand […]