Every five years, the National Pork Board conducts an economic analysis of its performance to share results of the Checkoff’s efforts in research, pork promotion and producer and consumer education. According to the most recent study reviewing program performance from 2011 through 2016, the producer return on investment was approximately 25 to 1. That is, for each $1 invested by a pig farmer through the Pork Checkoff, a return of value of $25.50 is generated.

This periodic analysis is important to producers to understand and quantify the value of their Checkoff investments. The latest results indicate a positive and growing impact on all aspects of the Pork Checkoff, from conducting production-focused research to growing consumer and export demand for pork. The 25 to 1 producer benefit also aligns with a similar study conducted by the U.S. General Accountability Office. The specific highlights of the 2017 report include:

  • Production Research: Each dollar invested in production research to benefit on-farm practices yielded $83.30 in producer value.
  • Foreign Market Development: Each dollar invested in developing foreign markets yielded $24.70 in producer benefits.
  • Advertising and Non-advertising Promotion: Other pork promotion resulted in benefits of $14.20 for advertising and $12.40 for non-advertising promotion.
  • Research to Grow Demand: Research on market drivers returned $8.30 for each $1 invested.
  • Net Result: Collectively, the overall return of Checkoff program activities is $25.50 for each dollar invested.

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Previous ROI Reports


Covering 2006-2011, an overall return of $17.40 to $1 invested.

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Covering 2001-2006, an overall return of $13.80 to $1 invested.

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