You can now report Checkoff electronically. The online Checkoff remittance system is secure, easy to use and offers convenience while keeping your financial information safe.

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Three Reasons for Switching to Online

  • Convenience Easily track, manage, and pay into your Checkoff digitally.
  • Savings Reduce time and costs tied up in fees and postage.
  • Sustainability Eliminate a significant paper trail and reduce carbon footprint.

Three Different Forms of Payment

  • ACH Payment File your report and pay online with an ACH withdrawal from your checking account.
  • Paystub File your report online and print a paystub to mail in with a check. This gives you the option of forgoing an ACH withdrawal and works well for companies that have a separate department that cuts A/P checks.
  • Zero Reporting This option is to be used when a sale has not occurred for the period and you do not owe anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a full guide to your online remittance questions, check out our user guide.

The Pork Checkoff rate is $0.40 per every $100 of the sale price. For example, if you sell a market hog for $200.00, you would multiply that amount times 0.004 (200 x 0.004 = $0.80).

The account gives you a unique login that is only yours. The registration code is what gives you access to file the reports for the company. Please note: signing up for a account in no way holds you financially responsible for the reporting, only gives you access to file and pay Checkoff.

No! While this is our preference, we understand that circumstances may prevent you from paying online. That is why there is also the option to print a pay stub to send in with a manual/paper check.

After entering your bank account information into the Pay Checkoff system, you will receive two (2) micro-deposits in your account within 3-5 business days. Once those are received, go back into the system and enter those EXACT amounts into the system to verify and activate your bank account for use.

If you want to use your bank account for ACH withdrawal, you must wait until you can verify the account. Alternatively, if you need to get the report filed so that you do not incur a late fee, you use the Payment Stub option for the first report and mail in a check.