Now you can report Checkoff electronically. The new online Checkoff remittance system is secure, easy to use and offers convenience while keeping your financial information safe.

You must have a registration code to sign up for Checkoff’s online remittance system. You should have received this in the mail, if not, use this form to request a code and our accounting team will assist you. Once you receive your code, you can set up your account.

Report Online and Go Paperless!

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Make your Pork Checkoff Remittance Electronically (You Have Options)!

  • Securely report and pay Checkoff to the National Pork Board through an EFT/ACH payment
  • Enter your report online and mail your payment.
  • Submit a zero report to immediately keep your reporting current.
  • Search for past reports
  • Eliminate the need for paperwork and traditional mail

Like other online bill pay programs, the Checkoff online payment system eliminates the need for paperwork and mailing your remittance. You can key in your Checkoff information, process an EFT/ACH payment for the amount of your report and submit the report and payment to National Pork Board all online OR you can submit the form online and mail your payment.

Bottom Line, How Does The New Online Pork Checkoff Remittance System Help You?

  • Matches processes with today’s speed of business
  • Reduces processing cost and time
  • Provides tracking and reporting on prior reporting periods
  • Makes Checkoff information available for review at all times
  • Creates more transparency and accountability

*Note, this system is voluntary and not required.

Forms and Instructions for Checkoff Remittance

Pork Promotion Investment Report Pork Promotion Investment Report (Checkoff Remittance Form)

Instructions for Seedstock Feeder Pigs Remittance of 100% Legislative Checkoff

Instructions for Remittance of 100% Legislative Checkoff

Organic Exemption under the Pork Checkoff Program

USDA Announces Expansion of the Organic Assessment Exemption