Launched in 2007, this program allows youth ages eight to 19 to participate in the industry’s efforts to produce a safe and wholesome food product, with particular attention to the care and wellbeing of animals raised for pork.
Use our Locator tool or call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-7675.
Veterinarians, Extension specialists or ag educators who have taken the Youth PQA Plus Advisor training and received certification.
No. Adult PQA Plus training is available for producers 20 years of age and older.
No. Youth PQA Plus Advisors must go through youth Advisor training and successfully pass an exam.
That depends on the instructor and the size of the class. The average class is two hours.
Your renewal certification will be immediate and your Advisor can print you a new certificate. If this is your first certification, please allow up to 10 business days. For first-time enrollees, please add two to three additional days for a number to be assigned to you and mailed with the certificate.
Yes. The Pork Checkoff will send reminders about six to eight weeks before your certificate expires.
Yes. You can contact your Advisor for a reprint or you can call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-7675 for a replacement.
Youth can take the course and exam online. If the course is taken face-to-face with an Advisor, the exam cannot be taken online. Some states have accredited food/meat safety programs that may include an online test option. Contact your local Extension office to determine your state’s options.
Beginners who participate in the online module will receive a one-year certification. Intermediate and senior youth, depending on their age at the time of completing the course and exam, could receive a three-year certification or until they age out of their division and move into the next age division. If an an intermediate or senior youth does not pass their online exam, they will receive a one-year certification.
Yes. Youth 12 to 13 years of age (intermediate) and 15 to 18 years of age (senior) can certify/recertify by completing and passing an exam at the appropriate age level. To certify by examination, a minimum of 70 percent must be achieved. Once certified by exam, youth are not required to recertify in Youth PQA Plus until the next age level is reached. The youth producer’s age is determined by the individual’s age on January 1 of that year.
You may be eligible to obtain Youth PQA Plus certification if you have completed your state’s youth quality assurance program. There is an equivalency process that allows the National Pork Board to verify that these state-specific programs address all of the minimum standards and key learning objectives. Talk to your Advisor or call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-7675.
Call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-7675.