Youth Pork Quality Assurance® Plus

Youth PQA Plus is the food safety, antibiotic use, and animal well-being awareness and education program for youth porkproducers ages eight to 19. Youth PQA Plus mirrors the content of the industry’s adult program Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus®), but presents it in a format conducive to youth learning.

When using the original face-to-face training and certification model, youth receive training from certified Youth PQA Plus advisors who have received training from certified Youth PQA Plus (state) trainers or complete the online learning and certification process. Youth who attend class will be granted a one- year certification. Youth aged 12 to 19 have the option to attend a face-to-face training and complete a closed-book test or complete an online module and closed-book test, for a multi-year certification. Please refer to the Youth PQA Plus Minimum Standards for more information.

In 2014, changes to the program included an online training, testing, and certification option. Delivered in the form of an engaging, interactive online module, the new online option allows participants to learn, test, and become certified in Youth PQA Plus. For youth age 12 and under, a parent log-in for security is required.

Certify Online Now

Beginners who participate in the online module will receive a one year certification. Intermediate and senior youth, depending on their age at the time of completing the course and if they pass the exam, could receive a three year certification, or certification lasting until they age out of their division if it’s less than three years, and move into the next age division. If an intermediate or senior youth member does not pass their exam online, they will receive a one year certification.

Visit the Youth PQA Plus Frequently Asked Questions tab to find out how to become certified in Youth PQA Plus! If you need more information, call (800) 456-PORK.

Youth PQA Plus Advisors and Trainers

Youth PQA Plus advisors and trainers remain essential to the process. Youth PQA Plus advisors and trainers carry the Youth PQA Plus program to youth producers ages eight to 19. Advisors and trainers are veterinarians, Extension specialists, or ag educators who have become certified in Youth PQA Plus and offer training to youth producers (advisors) or certify advisors to train youth (trainers).

Youth PQA Plus advisors and trainers must become certified through Youth PQA Plus certification training. Qualified Youth PQA Plus advisor candidates must receive Youth PQA Plus advisor training and pass an examination. Advisor certification is valid for three years. Web-based advisor training and testing is available to current Youth PQA program educators as well as traditional face-to-face sessions. Youth PQA Plus state trainers also must complete training and pass an examination.

How To become certified as a Youth PQA Plus Advisor or Trainer.

Current youth program trainers and individuals wishing to become trainers can contact the Pork Checkoff at (800) 456-PORK to find out how to complete the training.
Youth PQA Plus advisors must be veterinarians, Extension personnel, or secondary/post-secondary agriculture instructors, and they must attend a training session provided by their state trainer. To become Youth PQA Plus advisors, interested individuals should contact their state’s trainer.

Locate a Youth PQA Plus state trainer

State programs and equivalency

Some states have pursued state-specific youth quality assurance education and created state-specific programs. An equivalency process allowing the National Pork Board to verify these state-specific quality assurance programs address all of the minimum standards and key learning objectives of the Youth PQA program exists. Read more about the Youth PQA Plus state program equivalency process by clicking here.

Youth PQA Plus Mission Statement

Youth Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (Youth PQA Plus®) demonstrates the dedication of America’s youth pork producers and their Advisors to assuring consumers that they are purchasing pork that is safe, of high quality and produced in a responsible manner.

Visit the Youth PQA Plus Frequently Asked Questions tab to find out more! If you need more information, call (800) 456-7675.

National Pork Board may modify, amend or terminate the TQA®,  Youth PQA Plus®, PQA Plus® and all other certification programs without notice. Further, the Board in its sole discretion may terminate or condition a participant’s continued eligibility for, participation in, and/or use of any rights, license or benefits under such program(s).