National Pork Board has compiled a one-stop resource for a number of pork resources for youth, developed by Pork Checkoff and by other organizations. These fun, interactive resources are categorized by audience. In order to simplify the material selection process, the following table groups materials by content area and provides a suitability rating by audience to help narrow the selection of materials. Clicking each underlined title will take the user directly to the source where the item is available for ordering or downloading.




Pork Puzzler Activity Book
Producers Pigs and Pork Coloring Book
Producers Pigs and Pork Story Book
Welcome To Our Farm Booklet
Welcome To Our Farm Poster
Animal Care
Handling and Management to Prevent Stress in Show Pigs
Swine Care Handbook
Swine Welfare Fact Sheet
Artificial Insemination Fact Sheet
Artificial Insemination How-To
Breeds of Swine 4-H Quiz
Estrus Detection
Estrus/Heat Detection Video
Replacement Gilts Evaluation
How Inheritance Works in Swine
Porcine Stress Gene-Show Pigs
Semen Management
Human Health / Nutrition
Kids Pork Cookbook
Meat Quality Fact Sheet
Evaluation/ Selection
Selection of Swine Breeding Stock
Show Preparation
Clipping Show Pigs How-to
Clipping and Shaving Pigs FAQ
Dehydration: The Need for Water
Ethics in Youth Livestock Programs