You have already learned that semen should be processed, shipped, and stored while being maintained at a temperature of 59° – 68° F. Let’s see how you can maintain that temperature regimen once you receive your shipment…

Semen is usually shipped in an insulated (typically polystyrene) container along with ice or gel packs to help maintain the proper temperature.

Before you receive the package of semen you should be prepared to store it either in:
  • A device specifically built for storing semen,
  • A device, such as a wine cooler, that can be adapted for semen storage, or
  • A cooler with the appropriate temperature gel packs inside (or use the shipping box if well-insulated). Gel packs can be purchased at most grocery or discount stores.
 Make sure the storage system you use is at the correct temperature before placing the semen containers in contact with it.

You should gently invert/rotate the semen containers twice per day to re-suspend the sperm cells and keep them in contact with the nutrients in the extender solution.

Polystyrene shipping container.
Gel packs for shipping and storage.

Semen storage unit.

Periodically rotate semen containers.


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