Increased activity and vocalization – The female may become more excitable than usual, be more aware of her surroundings, and may increase the amount of vocalization she does.Mounting – Females that are group-housed may attempt to mount one another. If a boar is available, move the female in question and the boar to a neutral pen and see if she stands and accepts his mount.Standing reflex – The standing reflex is the tendency of the female to stand still upon application of back pressure. Ears will often perk up and the female will tend to “lock up” due to muscle contractions. You can test for heat by rubbing the sow low on the flank with one hand and pushing down on her back with the other. The rubbing of her belly/flank simulates the actions of a “nosing” boar and may aid in stimulation.

If you detect any of these physiological or behavioral signs, especially the standing reflex, it is extremely likely that your female pig is ready to be bred. Please choose the A.I. topic and learn how to breed your female.

Mounting Activity and reflex.