First – Fifth Grade:

Producers Pigs and PorkProducers Pigs & Pork Teachers Resource Guide

Producers, Pigs and Pork is a set of five lessons that addresses our food supply system and focuses on pork production. It includes a variety of lessons and activities which enhance standards and skills. Best practices and multiple teaching techniques are used in Producers, Pigs and Pork to provide a meaningful learning experience for students as they gain knowledge about pork and our food supply.



Amazing Pig DVDAmazing Pig Video

Watch the Amazing Pig video to learn about everything you ever wanted to know about pig.




High School:

Introduction To Pork CurriculumIntroduction to Pork Curriculum

The Introduction to Pork Curriculum CD contains educational lesson plans that meet national standards for High School students. This CD provides an overview of pork production including breeds, production information, and careers. Includes lesson plans, learning standards, presentations and videos.




Other Education Resources:

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Estrus Detection
Artificial Insemination