The National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council placed an open letter to Subway in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Oct. 29. The ad was an effort to share American pig farmers’ collective dissatisfaction with the recent Subway announcement to discontinue antibiotic use in pig farming,

The letter defines why antibiotics are important to the everyday practices pig farmers and veterinarians have established. Each day, farmers and vets work together to raise healthy pigs for safe food. The advertisement also reinforces pork producers’ commitment to the health and well-being of each animal. Responsible antibiotic use includes each of the steps farmers are already taking in support of new FDA guidance.

No antibiotics of any kind – Subway’s position – will leave livestock without access to animal health medicines and could result in the unnecessary suffering or death of animals.

The advertisement not only reflected the U.S. pork industry’s disappointment in Subway’s announcement, but offered an opportunity to request a meeting with the food chain’s leadership. Only through open conversations about pork safety can the U.S. pork industry preserve and protect the use of antibiotics to care for sick pigs.

View find the letter to Subway here.