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The Pork Industry Environmental Stewards Award

The Pork Industry Environmental Stewards Award

Environmental stewardship is hard work and sharing the experience gained may help others become better caretakers. Environmental stewardship requires constant work and a serious commitment. The Environmental Steward Awards program is open to pork producers of all types and sizes of production operations who demonstrate their positive contribution to the environment.

Pork operations are recognized annually by the U.S. pork industry for their commitment to preserving the environment.

Applications (PDF or MS Word) and nominations are solicited from pork producers, operation managers and other industry-related professionals and are to be submitted by March 31 of each year. A national selection committee names four operations following a review of:

  • General production information
  • Manure management
  • Efforts to preserve water, air, and soil quality
  • Aesthetics and neighbor relations
  • Wildlife management
  • Innovation applied to environmental management
  • And an essay on the meaning of Environmental Stewardship

Winners are featured in an educational video, receive a special plaque and are recognized at an awards ceremony at the annual Pork Industry Forum.

The Environmental Steward Awards, program is co-sponsored by the Pork Checkoff and National Hog Farmer magazine.


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