There are many different housing designs used in today’s U.S. pork industry that provide for the well-being of the gestating sow. These housing designs usually fit in one of two categories:

  • Individual housing which includes the individual stall system. In this system, sows are housed in a structure large enough for one sow to stand up and lie down. There are several variations in stall designs.
  • Group housing which includes varying systems such as free access stalls, trickle feeding and electronic sow feeding stations to name a few. Group sizes may range from five sows per pen up to more than 100 sows per pen.

Each housing design has unique advantages and disadvantages for the well-being of the sow.

Position Statements on Sow Housing

Sow Housing Options

Sow Housing Management

Download English or Spanish versions of guides to managing sow housing. English-version guides are also available for order as a printed booklet in the Pork Store.