Despite the fact that PRRS is the industry’s greatest challenge, other bacterial and viral diseases continue to be of concern in pork producers’ daily lives. These pathogens include the bacterial infections of “high health” operations, such as Hemophilus parasuis and Streptococcus suis, and viruses such as Swine Influenza Virus and Circovirus. The National Pork Board provides research support to help understand these pathogens, as well as support for information and education for both researchers and pork producers.
PRRS Initiative
Q/A about European-like PRRS Strain
A document answering frequently asked questions about the European-like PRRS Strain.
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The 2003 PRRS Compendium offers a comprehensive reference on Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome for pork producers, veterinary practitioners, and researchers. The National Pork Board Swine Health Committee has released this compendium to provide pork producers, swine veterinarians and swine researchers with the latest and most concise information available on PRRS. It also serves as a catalog for PRRS research that has been funded by pork producers at both the state and national level through the pork checkoff.
View Producer Edition Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases
A producer’s guide to managing Porcine Circovirus Associated diseases.
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Pseudorabies Awareness Roundtable Discussion
This thorough brochure brings together seven noted and knowledgeable swine practitioners to discuss pseudorabies control and prevention from front to back.
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Links pertaining to domestic diseases:

The Pig Site
A web site devoted to swine health and welfare, ThePigSite includes news and feature articles on current pork industry issues. It also contains information on swine diseases, animal welfare and general management practices.