Public Health Key Topics

Antibiotic Use



PQA Plus– GGP #3 focuses on the responsible use of antibiotics



Public Health Information Links


Amercian Veterinary Medical Association

The AVMA Web site is the place where veterinary professionals, pet owners and animal lovers go to find comprehensive information on pet care, animal health, and public health information.




Animal Health Institute

The Animal Health Institute is the U.S. trade association that represents manufacturers of animal health care products. Their web site includes presentations, news and information about the animal health industry.



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This web site includes information about the CDC, health data standards and statistics, and information on a variety of health topics.



Center for Veterinary Medicine

The CVM regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. Its web site includes information about antimicrobial resistance, approved animal drugs and other topics involving veterinary medicine.




Food Safety and Inspection Service

This site features FSIS program areas, news releases, publications and activities including consumer education, HACCP implementation and food importation.




Food and Drug Administration

This official site of the FDA, the government agency that regulates most common food ingredients, medical and surgical devices, drugs, and radiation-emitting consumer and medical products, features information on BSE, antibiotic resistance, foodborne illness, and other safety and nutrition issues.


Institute of Food Technologists

The Institute of Food Technologists is a nonprofit scientific society with members who work in food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia and government. Their web site includes membership information, news releases and updates on its actvities.


National Institute for Animal Agriculture

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture works in serving and promoting the livestock industry in the United States. This link provides access to hot topics and newsletters about information that is facing the animal industry.



United States Department of Agriculture

The official home of the USDA, their site features news releases and information on the agencies, services and programs contained within the USDA.




World Health Organization

This link provides information about health issues that are facing countries within the United Nations. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.




World Organisation for Animal Health

The OIE is an intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide. This link focuses on One Health which is an initiative involving all aspects of the health profession including: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other scientific-health and environmentally related disciplines.