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Deep Pit Flash Fires/Explosions: Sources, Occurrences, Factors, Management White Paper

This new literature review, produced with funds provided by the Pork Checkoff, addresses some of the industry’s questions about the potential of flash fires and explosions related to manure storage and handling and how producers can reduce this possibility.

Utilization of Manure Nutrients for Soybean Crop Production White Paper

This Checkoff-funded literature review was created by Matt J. Helmers, Lara B. Moody and Robert Burns of Iowa State University. During 2007, the authors reviewed available scientific information concerning the impact of manure application to soybean crops. The authors consulted literature including electronic library databases, AGRICOLA and Web of Science and documents resulting from searches on the World Wide Web using Google. Refereed and non-refereed literature referenced in this review included journal articles, conference proceedings, books, graduate student thesis and dissertations, extension publications and university reports.

This review is not intended to provide a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the issue but a recap of available scientific information concerning this topic. It is the opinion of the authors that only materials providing scientific and unbiased information are represented in the review.

The views expressed in the document are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the National Pork Board.

Environmental Research Database

Through this Checkoff-funded project, users can search a database of research articles and papers on environmental management practices related to swine production operations. Developed by Iowa State University, the database is searchable and results can be sorted for viewing.

Each article available in the database includes an author’s abstract and a brief summary.

Information can be searched in several different ways including by:

Category (Surface water quality, groundwater quality, water use and conservation, air emissions and odor, land quality or crop impact or a combination of these)

Keyword(s) in the title, summary, abstract or objectives

Author(s), research institution(s) or funding source(s)

Year of publication

Simple and advanced search options allow the user to broaden or narrow a search according to specific needs. A complete “User Manual” is included in the Help section.

Environmental Research Database

Air Management Practices Assessment Tool
This Checkoff-funded tool helps producers find the practices to address potential air emissions that are best suited to their operations and objectives. The Web-based tool was developed by Iowa State University and is organized into four air emissions of interest: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, dust and particulates and odor. For each of these emissions, sources are categorized by housing, manure storage or land application. A conservative estimate of the range of effectiveness and a relative cost is given for each mitigation practice. To obtain more information for any given practice, the user can simply click on that practice.

Air Management Practices Assessment Tool