The National Pork Board’s environmental footprint project is comprehensive with multiple phases. Since June 2008, the National Pork Board has been working on a specific plan to assess and better understand the pork industry’s carbon, water and land footprints. The Checkoff-funded research has completed:
  • A review of available literature and information related to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use related to pork production.
  • A summary or “scan level” life-cycle assessment of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use across the entire pork chain, including feed crop production, feed formulation, swine production, transportation, meat processing and retail components.
  • A detailed, in-depth life-cycle assessment of the on-farm animal production component covering all aspects of raising the animals, including manure-management practices.
  • A producer-friendly software tool called the Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator. It calculates the greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use involved in sow and grow-finish production as well as estimating costs associated with production inputs, which can help producers identify areas for potential improved efficiency

Use this worksheet to gather the appropriate information to run the calculator.

Download the Calculator

Download Instructions

Step 1:  Once you click the “Download the Calculator” button above, use the “save” feature to save the file to a folder on your computer; for example your “Downloads” folder. Please take note of where your file was downloaded so you can locate it for the next steps.

Step 2:  After the download completes, find the file in the folder that you chose in the last step, and RIGHT CLICK on the file and select “Extract All” to extract the files from the Zip File.  You will be able to choose the location where the files are extracted, but if you leave the default settings you will see a new folder labeled “PPEFC” in the same folder where your zip file is located.

Step 3:  Open the PPEFC folder created in the last step, and click on the file titled “Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator” to run the application.

Click here for more detailed download instructions with screenshots.

Calculator FAQs

The NPB will not have access to farm specific data on individual farms but if a producer chooses to share data, NPB will have access to aggregated data from those farms that choose to share.
No. This version of the calculator only operates on PC computers running Windows operating systems XP or later.
No additional software is needed to run this program. Installing the program requires only to copy the folder Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator Version 3.0 to your computer. To uninstall the program, just delete the folder. An internet connection is not needed to run the calculator. Users manuals are available in the folder once downloaded for additional support.