The National Swine Reproduction Guide is a web-based troubleshooting guide on swine reproduction problems. It is only available as a web application and easily accessed through personal computer, smart phones and tablets. Its portability makes the guide readily available and convenient for use anywhere. The troubleshooting and management guide is built in a user-friendly and intuitive format. The reproductive guide contains an incredible amount of information and support for pork producers, including more than 1,000 fact sheets and references.The reproductive decision tree is designed with an easy-to-use format and navigation. The decision tree begins with three categories: gilts, sows, and boars (semen). After selecting a category, a list of potential issues are available for selection. For example, low farrowing rate or too small of gilt pool. Upon selection of this topic, the decision tree helps to narrow the search on the issue through a list of available questions. After choosing the question that best fits the original problem, an answer is provided in the form of a factsheet with viewable references.The National Swine Reproduction Guide is available at