Pork quality encompasses all meat quality traits affecting processors’ and consumers’ costs and concerns, including pork color, water-holding capacity (drip loss), intramuscular fat (marbling) and palatability (tenderness, juiciness and flavor). The Checkoff is actively coordinating efforts to address these issues.

The Checkoff advisory group providing oversight to the pork quality program area for the Animal Science Committee is the Pork Quality Solutions Team (PQST). The PQST is comprised of producers, packers, academics and genetic company suppliers. Their objective is to define, measure and improve pork quality at all levels using every available scientific resource. Specifically, the committee stimulates interaction between producers, packers and scientists; provides research updates; establishes annual research priorities and develop plans for future research; and facilitates the development of new publications for producers and consumers. The committee also provides direction to partnership programs between the Checkoff and the American Meat Science Association. The future needs of the pork industry are a priority for the committee as it brainstorms to create new quality initiatives, including quality-specific workshops, publications and technical response alternatives.

Ensuring a positive eating experience for consumers is key to increasing the demand for the industry. In order to attract new pork consumers and satisfy existing ones, all pork must be consistent and of high quality. This site contains information on research and programs provided by the Checkoff that help producers satisfy one of the most important segments of the pork industry – the consumer.