Swine genetic issues continue to be a high priority for the Checkoff and the Animal Science Committee. Genetic programs, including the Terminal Sire National Genetic Evaluation Program and the Maternal Line National Genetic Evaluation Program, are performance benchmarks for the industry. New programs, such as the development of the swine genome sequence promise to deliver numerous new technologies to producers. These technologies will impact virtually all of the current management and production practices used by producers as well as the areas of pork safety, pork quality, swine health and human nutrition. Another priority is the development of science-based information relating to the genetics of disease resistance in swine. Diseases such as PRRS and others have a genetic component which may provide the opportunity to develop genetic lines that are resistant or tolerant to said diseases.

The Checkoff team providing oversight to the genetics program area for the Animal Science Committee is the Genetics Advisory Group. This group is comprised of producers, veterinarians, academics and genetic company suppliers. Their objective is to oversee the development of the swine genome sequence in the public domain and to provide programming for issues relating to genetic disease tolerance recommendations.