To assist producers and their veterinarians in the management, control and potential elimination of the virus, the National Pork Board funded key research projects to better understand PEDV. In order to provide timely information to producers from those projects, the objectives and initial updates will be periodically reported.NOTE: The updates from the proposals represent interim information only and are not intended to be final reports. The final and formal reports will be provided at the end of the terms of the projects and then posted online at The information in these updates is intended to inform stakeholders of progress, but are not intended to be the final outcome or recommendation. For further information, please contact Dr. Lisa Becton, Checkoff’s director of swine health information and research, at [email protected].

The research below is categorized by the year in which it was started.

PEDV 2013 Research
PEDV 2014 Research
PEDV 2015 Research