In the fall of 2016, the National Pork Board commissioned to conduct the Compensation and HR Practices in Pork Production survey. conducted a similar version of the survey in 2011 on behalf of the National Pork Board. The 2016 survey would provide an update to current pay and practice trends occurring within the industry since 2011.

Pork producers were categorized into two target groups, large producers and small to mid-size producers. For the purpose of this survey, the ‘large producers’ audience represents farms with 25,000 or more sows in production. The second audience, ‘small to mid-size producers,’ represents producers of a significant size that employ full-time employees other than family members. Small to mid-size producers are defined as those operations with less than 25,000 sows in production or over 1,000 head finishing. A customized online survey was created for each target audience.

Requests to complete surveys were sent to 38 large producers and 1,994 small to mid-size operations. The number of participants completing the survey in both target audiences increased as compared to the 2011 survey. Twenty-nine large producers (76 percent) completed the survey. Two hundred fifty-two small to mid-size producers (13 percent) completed the survey. Topics covered in both surveys included Compensation, Benefits, HR Management, Recruitment, Part-Time Staff and Safety.

The survey was conducted to provide an accurate reflection of compensation and human resources practices that can be used within the pork industry to help recruit talent and ensure current practices are in-line with competition.

Data was captured via direct communication with the target audiences through an online survey. The information was then collated to provide key findings, analysis commentary and detailed results of the respective surveys. Data was not combined as the number of small to mid-size producers responding heavily outweighed the number of large producers; however, the large survey respondents represent more employees within the industry overall.

2011 Results

Conducted similar to the 2016 report, the fall of 2011 results showed that survey respondents represent 46 percent of U.S. pork production.