Jump-start your human resource management activities by using the web-based Employee Care Toolkit, provided by the Pork Checkoff.

Utilize the toolkit to build a successful human resource management program that allows you to source, train and retain a quality workforce. These customizable tools can help you seamlessly implement human resource functions for your operation today.

Many Pork producers are large enough to have employees but not large enough to have a Human Resource person to locate, adapt and implement basic human resource tools. This resource will provide pork producers the core components of a successful human resource management program to source, train and retain a quality workforce. Each component can be customized for specific producer needs.


Human Resource Department Starter Kit
The Starter Kit will walk you through the basic steps of getting started with key human resource activities. Included are instructions, examples and templates of forms, policies and procedures to let your employees know how to behave and what is expected of them plus help protect the farm from legal risk.

On the Job Training Program

To have a successful swine operation, you must have consistent training practices in place to ensure that every employee learns how to do his/her job the way you want it done — regardless of who trains the employee. This guide explains how your swine operation can achieve success by adding a little structure and rigor around many of the training activities that already occur.

Standard Operating Procedures

To have a successful swine operation, you must have committed workers who complete work procedures consistently and accurately. Standard operating procedures provide workers a guide for day-today execution of production functions to help insure consistency and accuracy of work done. Generic versions of operating procedures are provided that can be adapted to the specifics or your operation.

Managing People Workshops

“Managing People Workshops” packet includes all resources needed to conduct people skill training at the farm level. Target audiences are sow farm managers, sow farm department leads, and grow finish managers. Focus is to establish an appropriate “barn culture” through better people management.