tweetfeatureThe Pork Checkoff’s Grill For It! summer consumer campaign is continuing to promote flavorful, creative grilled pork recipes. As part of the promotion, actor and comedian David Koechner, who also provides the voice for the campaign “spokesgrill,” conducted a satellite media tour June 15 to drive fans to

In a continued partnership with the Pork Checkoff, Koechner highlighted the seasonal pork recipes and messages. He is best known for his roles in the “Anchorman” movies and the TV series, “The Office.”

The media tour featured 19 interviews with, KSHB-TV, WCIU-TV, and FOX 59 and other outlets. Koechner, who is a father of five, prepared the recipes from the integrated campaign with his family on Father’s Day, posting 16 tweets during the holiday weekend, calling out to media and showcasing his love for pork.

Grill For It! Making Headlines

In addition to the media day, media coverage has been inspiring grill lovers everywhere to bring a flavor boost to any cookout this summer with pork. From leveraging the Pork Checkoff’s seasonal recipes to highlighting the Grill For It! blog content, public relations  efforts have garnered more than 17.2 million impressions through 317 placements.

Top coverage includes:

The Pork Checkoff’s publisher/blogger partners also have continued to highlight pork on the grill. Dani at The Adventure Bite prepared Korean Pork Chops, Mike at Dad Cooks Dinner adapted the Checkoff’s recipe for Pulled Pork Salad and Grilled Vegetables, as well as his delicious recipe for Grilled New York Pork Chops with Indies Spice Rub. Craig at Big Green Craig shared his recipe for Crispy Bourbon Pork Belly.