Pork4KidsYouth need to look no further than the newly redesigned www.pork4kids.com to find information on pork production. From learning about farmers to finding recipes, this website has it all in one place.

“Pork4Kids.org is an accurate resource for parents and teachers as well as state pork producer organizations” said Stacie Schafer, state marketing manager for the Pork Checkoff. “There is a lot of great information available in various forms for teachers and parents as well as kids.”

One new feature includes the “Farmer Spotlight.” The Farmer Spotlight showcases the Checkoff’s Environmental Steward Award recipients. A photo shows consumers a glimpse of the steward’s farms and a description of what they do on their farm that makes a difference. Other updates include temperature and nutrition information. The recipe search also has been expanded to include the over 1,800 recipes available through the Pork® Be inspired® database.

Not just for kids
The “For Grownups” section has ideas that can be used at home or in the classroom. Printable placemats along with craft and game ideas are a great way to get everyone involved. There are tips for teaching about all stages of the meal process, from cooking prep to after dinner clean-up. The redesigned site not only provides information but also suggests ways to apply it.

“With recipes and interactive games it’s a great place for parents and kids to go together,” said Schafer.

The redesigned site provides visitors with better navigation options making it easier for visitors to find the most useful information for them. Even with the new look the site still offers multiple ideas for teachers and parents to use with children.

Visit www.pork4kids.com to further explore the site and find more information.