Summer time is the right time for barbecuing, and this summer the Pork Checkoff and Golden Corral are bringing barbecue to the table with an all-you-can-eat style.
The promotion, “Endless Ribs” kicked-off April 25, continues through July 4 and features many different pork products.  The buffet boasts baby back ribs, sweet and spicy ribs, pulled pork and pork collars.  Golden Corral has enjoyed the promotion’s success so far and are expecting that success to continue.
“Checkoff has been partnering with Golden Corral for about 10 years and has been a great partner for us,” Greenblatt said.  “The pork logo is featured in the 15 and 30 second commercials and the TV commercials run all 10 weeks.”
In addition to the TV commercials, the logo also is featured on the table tents, window clings and other point-of-sale advertising.  More than 41 million diners will visit the 484 Golden Corral buffets this summer and see the pork logo during the promotion.
The “Endless Ribs” promotion provides new and flavorful dishes to the buffet menu at Golden Corral, serving up not only their “inspiration,” but also showing others the pathway to new and creative ways of serving ribs.
Pork© Be inspiredsm launched in foodservice
The Checkoff’s foodservice marketing team launched a new foodservice website,  to carry the Pork© Be inspiredsm brand to chefs and other leading foodservice professionals.  With an edgier look and informational content, the easy-to-navigate site features a “Why Pork” sales presentation, business success stories, new product news upcoming events, Pork Checkoff chef programs , a Pork and Beverage Pairing Guide from acclaimed wine expert Rebecca Chapa and a guide to pork quality and popular American hog breeds.
The real meat of the site is The 400, an e-newsletter named for the Institutional Meat Purchase Specification number that foodservice professionals use when ordering the whole pig carcass.  The 400 is emailed to the foodservice trade media, marketers, chefs and partners, with timely pork menu information, chef features, new recipes and updates on food trends.
“Pork is the hot protein now,” said Stephen Gerike, director of foodservice marketing for the Pork Checkoff.  “We are conveying that attitude with our website while still delivering the argument for more pork on menus.”
New ads supporting Pork Be inspired recently appeared in Food Arts, Restaurant Hospitality, Restaurant Business, Plate, Flavor & the Menu and Chef Magazine.  Another avenue of information flowing to the industry is through banner ads on foodservice websites.
“From pork’s ability to inspire customer loyalty to its potential for helping restaurateurs set their brands apart, pork is on trend and in demand,” Gerike said.
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