The Employee Safety Toolkit will provide pork producers the core components of a successful workplace safety program.

An effective safety program which will help reduce accidents and injuries, comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and manage the legal responsibilities to provide a safe workplace. Components can be customized for specific producer needs.

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Farm Safety Audit

A comprehensive safety and health survey of your entire farm operation will identify any existing or potential safety and health hazards. An initial farm program and worksite analysis is conducted to determine the extent of regulatory exposure, as well as employee exposure. On a continuing basis, farm safety audits should be conducted to identify ongoing potential hazards.

The farm safety program audit can be used as a checklist of the components in your safety program which require a policy, procedures, education or documentation. The program audit can also be used as a tool for annual review.

The facilities safety audit provides a checklist to review the physical conditions found on your farm. This initial facility survey should assist you in evaluating the workplace conditions with respect to safety and health regulations, as well as generally recognized safe and healthful work practices. The facilities safety audit could also be linked with your regular facility maintenance and repair program. These audit forms are designed for general use in pork production. Some items on the forms may not apply to your farm.

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Remember that an audit is a tool to help; it is not a definitive statement of what is mandatory. Use these audits only for guidance.