A well-documented emergency action plan (EAP) can be a valuable tool to reduce the impact of an emergency on your operation.

A thorough analysis and description of your individual operation and sites, careful planning for each possible emergency scenario and ongoing maintenance and training before an emergency are all critical steps to effectively handle an emergency situation.

Complete the information in each field provided to create a customized plan for your operation. When you have completed your emergency action plan, you will have the opportunity to print a hard copy (or copies) and to save an electronic copy of it as well.

Thorough training for every employee or person involved with your operation is an essential part of emergency planning and should be implemented as soon as you have completed your customized plan.

To comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, an employer must have a printed copy of an emergency action plan readily accessible to all employees.

If ten employees or less are employed, the emergency plan may be reviewed orally.


An emergency action plan (EAP) should be created for each individual site. At the bottom of each section, you will have the ability to save. Please save these documents to your computer by selecting “Save As”. You may use these documents with minor changes for each site and each hazard type.

After completion, each site should have a copy available in the event of an emergency. This information should be shared with all employees to ensure best execution of the EAP.

NOTE: Save a copy of the form you want to use to your computer by right-clicking on the button and selecting “Save As.” (This may vary in different browsers.) You must work from a form saved to your computer if you wish to save the data you enter in the form.

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