The Economic Impact of Swine Operations spreadsheet tool is designed to highlight the dynamic income and expense activities created by pork production farms.

Economic ImpactWhile it is known that swine farms are very diverse in their operations and regions of influence, it must be recognized that a great amount of economic activity is generated from the daily operation of swine farms in addition to the economic activity generated by new farm construction. As a means to quantify these impacts, the spreadsheet tool provides categorical revenue and expense components that highlight significant economic impacts in the local and regional communities.


The User Guide provides instructions on how to use the Economic Impact of Swine Operations spreadsheet tool.



The spreadsheet is organized into eight tabs which include:

  • Instructions
  • Grow-Finish Input
  • Grow-Finish Summary
  • Breeding Herd Input
  • Breeding Herd Summary
  • Manure Help Sheet
  • Tax Help Sheet
  • Resources

In this guide, each tab is supported by a section overview and instructions on how to complete the tab.

Presentation template is available for producers to create presentations tailored to local situations.