Moving pork product is a high priority for our food-chain partners and America’s pork producers. Observant of the current slow market with ample pork product available in the United States, the Fresh Foods department of Costco Wholesale is working hard to move pork tonnage and at an aggressive price for their members.

For the Black Friday weekend, Costco Wholesale is featuring a $10 off per package of whole boneless pork loins for its membership. This Black Friday weekend feature is due to the popularity and success of “Porktober” this past October and hopefully will continue to draw more members to the Fresh Food department and to purchase pork.

Costco began working on this Black Friday weekend feature months ago with their vendors, JBS and Smithfield, said Scott Alleger, Costco pork and sausage buyer.

“Both of these companies have been great to work with on this promotion,” Alleger said. “They have worked closely with our depots to keep the trucks arriving in a timely manner and ultimately making sure we have pork available for our members during the promotional weekend.”

Normally, this time of year is slow for the pork category at Costco, but features such as this one will help move millions of pounds of pork. With a pork loin feature such as this, members who may be reluctant or intimidated to purchase a whole pork loin may be more likely to purchase one because of this featured discount.

“This is one of my favorite items (whole boneless pork loin) due to its versatility as a roast, chop, on the grill, in the oven or a crock pot,” Alleger said. “The possibilities are endless for our members.”

As a way to help their members be more informed and comfortable with their pork purchase, Costco suppliers also place cutting and cooking instructions on the labels of their boneless pork loin packages. Some packages may also include recipes, which are rotated throughout the year to best represent a seasonal meal.