Safety on the farm is no accident

A safe workplace not only shows your commitment to the well-being of your employees and your livestock, but it also pays off financially.

Ever wonder how your farm’s safety record compares with that of your peers? Is your safety record helping or hindering your business goals? The Pork Checkoff’s new online Benchmarking Workplace Safety tool can provide you with a benchmark. By participating you will:

  • Know where you stand in comparison with your peers.
  • Compare your operation with the top 25 percent.
  • Identify ways to enhance safety on your farm and focus on continuous improvement.

Benchmarking made simple

Access our confidential third-party provider database by logging in or creating an account.

Minimum data required to participate include totals for:

  • Number of employees
  • Number of sows
  • Pigs sold or transferred
  • Recordable accidents
  • Incident rate
  • Days away from work
  • Days away, restricted, or transferred (DART) rate
  • Worker compensation cost*

*To better represent and compare worker compensation cost, submitting history from three years is recommended.

The Pork Checkoff will have access to aggregate data only. In addition, aggregate data will only be available to producers who use the online Benchmarking Workplace Safety tool.

See how you measure up

Reports will be available immediately after you enter your data. Graph and tables will provide comparisons for the average of all participants, the farm system average and the top 25 percentile. Comparisons will include incident rate, DART rate, work comp cost, days away and more.

If you choose, optional production area reports can also be generated for sow-farm farrow-to-wean, sow-farm farrow-to-feeder, nursery, wean-to-finish, finishing, boar stud, gilt development, feed mill, transportation feed, transportation live haul, production services, environmental, sanitation, load-out and administrative.

You also can provide and compare a description of the top five safety incidents by cost.

Get involved

If you’re ready to commit to improving your farm’s safety efforts, the Pork Checkoff is ready to help. Click here to preview the benchmarking safety database and for more information, or call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at (800) 456-7675.

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